The rise of the Iraqi stock market index in the Arab world

stock market. “Economy News”Market

Economy News – Baghdad

The Arab Monetary Fund issued the thirteenth issue of the “Monthly Bulletin of Arab Capital Markets”, which is concerned with monitoring developments in Arab financial markets, based on the Arab Monetary Fund’s database of Arab financial markets, and data of Arab stock exchanges.

The bulletin, which was followed by “Economy News”, stated that “the Arab Monetary Fund’s composite index of Arab capital markets ended last July’s transactions, up by 0.05%, compared to June 2021, to reach about 469.58 points.”

The performance indicators of the stock exchanges of Iraq, Tunisia, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Damascus and Qatar recorded an increase of less than one percent. As for the level of trading value, the stock exchanges of Muscat, Bahrain, Damascus and Iraq recorded the highest rates of decline in the value of trading during the past month, with rates ranging between 52.74 and 93.51%.

The trading volume in the Arab stock exchanges decreased by 79.2%, as all Arab stock exchanges witnessed a decrease in their trading volume, led by the Iraq and Damascus stock exchanges.

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