Baghdad and Erbil agree to start a new cooperation in oil and gas

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The federal government in Iraq and its counterpart in the Kurdistan region in the north agreed, on Sunday, to “open a new page” for cooperation in the field of oil and gas, and to resolve previous differences in accordance with the law and the constitution.

This came during a meeting in Baghdad between Federal Oil Minister Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar and Kurdistan Regional Minister of Natural Resources Kamal al-Atrushi, according to a statement issued by the Iraqi Oil Ministry.

Previous agreements between the two parties regarding oil did not see the light of day, despite their announcement of agreement to resolve differences related to Erbil’s handing over of its oil to the federal government, in exchange for a share in the country’s budget .

The statement quoted Abdul-Jabbar as saying: “The federal government stresses the need to deal with high transparency with the management of oil wealth throughout Iraq, and to work to solve outstanding problems through dialogue, exchange and respect of viewpoints.”

The Minister of Oil expressed, according to the statement, his hope that “the meetings and dialogues with the region will open a new page of serious objective dialogue to resolve outstanding problems, and to serve the Iraqi people from north to south.”

For his part, the Minister of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Region, Kamal al-Atrushi, stressed “the joint cooperation with the Ministry of Oil and the Federal Government, and working together to open new horizons in bilateral relations towards the optimal investment of national wealth.”


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