Washington extends Iraq’s exemption from sanctions against Iran

political| 05:13 – 04/08/2021


Baghdad – Mawazine News: The
United States has extended for four months the exemption period granted to Iraq from sanctions related to dealing with Iran, which Baghdad relies on to import electricity and gas, which began last week, an Iraqi official told AFP on Wednesday.
Under the new exception given by the Joe Biden administration, Iraq will be able to continue importing electricity and gas from its eastern neighbor for an additional four months, that is, until the beginning of next December, as the Iraqi official explained to AFP, preferring to remain anonymous, while Iraq is on the verge of parliamentary elections. early October 10.
The duration of this exemption is equal to the last granted by the Biden administration in early April, which is the longest period allowed by US law.
Although Iraq is an oil country, it relies heavily on Iran in the field of energy, as it imports a third of its consumer needs of gas and electricity, due to its dilapidated infrastructure, which makes it unable to achieve self-sufficiency to secure the needs of its population of 40 million people. /NS


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