Electricity and General Electric meet to activate the outcomes of the strategic dialogue

08/04/2021 15:52

  • number of readings 105
  • Section : Iraq

Baghdad / Obelisk: The Deputy Minister of Electricity, Adel Karim, discussed in his office at the Ministry’s headquarters a delegation of the American General Electric Company GE in a visit aimed at discussing the framework agreement that took place on the sidelines of the strategic dialogue between Iraq and the United States.

A ministry statement received by Al-Masala stated that the meeting focused on discussing the terms of the agreement according to two main axes, the first, securing an amount of 250 million dollars to complete the fifth phase agreement for the permanent maintenance of GE units, which was supposed to be completed since 2020.

He added that the other axis includes the company’s willingness and willingness to supply backup materials for GE units for the next five years in exchange for implementing control centers for these units free of charge and monitoring them and sending signals in the event of any technical malfunction, with the implementation of new technologies that develop these units and increase productivity by 100 megawatts for free.

The statement added that the agreement also included activating benchmarking and artificial intelligence for all generation plants, which requires carrying out the necessary maintenance, whether emergency or periodic, with the establishment of training centers with a high level of professionalism to improve the performance of workers, provided that all requirements are completed before the end of June 2022.

The Ministry of Electricity indicated that this agreement is only a preliminary agreement within the mutual economic interests between the two countries and is subject to the approval of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers for the purpose of activating it. Deliberations and decisions were taken regarding it within the Ministry’s operations room, and the General Secretariat will be addressed regarding its study and approval of its provisions.


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