Congress Passes Iraq War Authorization Revocation Act

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Shafaq News/ The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted on Wednesday to revoke authorizations related to the Iraq war, which is considered a new step by the US Congress aimed at curbing the president’s powers.

And the American newspaper (The Hill) reported on its website, that the committee voted by 14 votes to 8 to pass a bill presented by representatives of the Democratic and Republican parties, which would invalidate the 2002 authorization that allowed the use of military force in Iraq, as well as the 1991 authorization. Which was ratification of the Gulf War.

Democratic Senator Tim Kaine, one of the bill’s authors, said the mandates supported military action to counter malign activities in Iraq under Saddam Hussein, adding that the mandates were deemed unnecessary more than a decade ago when Saddam Hussein’s rule was overthrown and executed and a new government formed.

He continued, “The Congress of both parties has abdicated its responsibility with regard to the power to declare war, and has allowed presidents of both parties to act unilaterally in this regard.”

It is worth noting that the step to revoke the two mandates has gained momentum during the last period since US President Joe Biden declared air strikes on Iranian-backed militias in Syria and Iraq during the months of February and June.


Electricity and General Electric meet to activate the outcomes of the strategic dialogue

08/04/2021 15:52

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Baghdad / Obelisk: The Deputy Minister of Electricity, Adel Karim, discussed in his office at the Ministry’s headquarters a delegation of the American General Electric Company GE in a visit aimed at discussing the framework agreement that took place on the sidelines of the strategic dialogue between Iraq and the United States.

A ministry statement received by Al-Masala stated that the meeting focused on discussing the terms of the agreement according to two main axes, the first, securing an amount of 250 million dollars to complete the fifth phase agreement for the permanent maintenance of GE units, which was supposed to be completed since 2020.

He added that the other axis includes the company’s willingness and willingness to supply backup materials for GE units for the next five years in exchange for implementing control centers for these units free of charge and monitoring them and sending signals in the event of any technical malfunction, with the implementation of new technologies that develop these units and increase productivity by 100 megawatts for free.

The statement added that the agreement also included activating benchmarking and artificial intelligence for all generation plants, which requires carrying out the necessary maintenance, whether emergency or periodic, with the establishment of training centers with a high level of professionalism to improve the performance of workers, provided that all requirements are completed before the end of June 2022.

The Ministry of Electricity indicated that this agreement is only a preliminary agreement within the mutual economic interests between the two countries and is subject to the approval of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers for the purpose of activating it. Deliberations and decisions were taken regarding it within the Ministry’s operations room, and the General Secretariat will be addressed regarding its study and approval of its provisions.


Washington extends Iraq’s exemption from sanctions against Iran

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Baghdad – Mawazine News: The
United States has extended for four months the exemption period granted to Iraq from sanctions related to dealing with Iran, which Baghdad relies on to import electricity and gas, which began last week, an Iraqi official told AFP on Wednesday.
Under the new exception given by the Joe Biden administration, Iraq will be able to continue importing electricity and gas from its eastern neighbor for an additional four months, that is, until the beginning of next December, as the Iraqi official explained to AFP, preferring to remain anonymous, while Iraq is on the verge of parliamentary elections. early October 10.
The duration of this exemption is equal to the last granted by the Biden administration in early April, which is the longest period allowed by US law.
Although Iraq is an oil country, it relies heavily on Iran in the field of energy, as it imports a third of its consumer needs of gas and electricity, due to its dilapidated infrastructure, which makes it unable to achieve self-sufficiency to secure the needs of its population of 40 million people. /NS

The Minister of Finance chairs a session on the budgets of the coming years: We discussed the amendment of the Oil Company Law

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Baghdad – Mawazine News
, Minister of Finance Ali Allawi chaired the fifteenth session of the committee for preparing the budget strategy for the years 2022-2024, while referring to the discussion of steps to amend the law of the National Oil Company and mechanisms for its development.
The Finance stated in a statement, “Allawi chaired the meeting of the fifteenth session of the committee for preparing the federal general budget strategy for the medium term 2022-2024, in the presence of the head of the General Authority for Monitoring Ministries Allocations, the Prime Minister’s advisors, the undersecretaries of finance and planning, the ministry’s advisor, and general managers in the ministry and related ministries.” Relationship”.
She added, “During which the law of the National Oil Company and mechanisms for developing and enhancing its work tasks were discussed in line with the vision and objectives of the economic and financial reform program, in addition to discussing the restructuring of the company according to modern and advanced foundations related to standards of efficiency, productivity and economic feasibility, and the report submitted by The Ministry of Commerce regarding its strategic vision related to the plan to revive foreign trade according to the priorities of the reform plan to revitalize the wheel of the Iraqi economy and provide various stimulating development opportunities with positive returns to maximize public revenues for the next stage.

Including Iraq.. Learn about the largest countries in gold reserves for the first half of the year 2021

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Shafaq News/ The United States of America ranked as the largest country in gold reserves for the first half of 2021, according to the World Gold Council.

In a table of 100 countries with the largest gold reserves seen by Shafak News Agency, the council stated that “the United States took the lead in the largest gold reserves in the world during the first half of 2021, with reserves amounting to 8,133 thousand tons, followed by Germany second with 3,359 thousand tons, Italy came third with 2,451 thousand tons, and then France came fourth with 2,436 thousand tons.

He added, “Russia came fifth with 2,292 thousand tons, China came sixth with 1,948 thousand tons, Switzerland came seventh with 1,040 thousand tons, Japan ranked eighth with 846 tons, India came ninth with 705 tons, and the Netherlands came tenth with 612 tons.”

In the Arab world, Saudi Arabia ranked first and 18th globally with a reserve of 323 tons, followed by Lebanon second and 20th globally with a reserve of 286 tons, followed by Algeria third and 26th globally with a reserve of 173 tons, followed by Libya fourth and 34th globally with a reserve of 116 tons. Then Iraq came fifth and ranked 39th globally with a reserve of 96.3 tons, followed by Egypt sixth and 41st globally with a reserve of 80 tons, followed by Kuwait seventh and 43rd globally with a reserve of 79 tons, followed by Qatar eighth and 48th globally with a reserve of 56 tons, and then the UAE ranked ninth and 49th globally with reserves 55 tons, and Jordan ranked tenth and 53rd in the world, with a reserve of 43 tons.