Al-Kazemi: We will give ministers a choice between staying in the government or running for elections

743 Policy 08/03/2021 17:23
Baghdad today – Baghdad
Today, Tuesday, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi announced that he will give ministers the choice between remaining in the government or running in the upcoming elections.
And the media office of the Prime Minister stated in a statement received (Baghdad today): “The most important thing that the Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, spoke during the cabinet session that was held today, Tuesday.”
Al-Kazemi said, according to the statement, that “there are complaints about the exploitation of state resources in election campaigns by candidate ministers or by officials who have influence in the state,” stressing that “there is no overlap in the executive responsibility in this government, which we always confirm that it is a government.” services and actions, and we pledged to be impartial with everyone.”
And he indicated that “an investigation has begun in two ministries, and other investigations will be opened in the event that it is proven that there is an exploitation of state resources in the elections,” explaining, “We will give the ministers a choice between staying in the government or running for elections, to prevent such duplication that causes embarrassment to the government in front of the people.”
He pointed out that “on a personal level, I did not nominate myself in the elections, to send a message to the citizens that this government came to serve you and stands at the same distance from everyone,” explaining that “the state’s resources are allocated for the benefit of the people, and one of the reasons for failure and failure in Iraq is the exploitation of state resources for the benefit of the people.” Some parties and influencers at the expense of Iraq in general.”
He continued: “Yesterday, we announced the implementation of the reform white paper, which is a paper for administrative reform and addressing the reasons for the decline of the Iraqi economy, so it is not reasonable for us to take a reform step on the one hand and take another step that impedes the reform process on the other hand.”
He added that “there are complaints about candidates who deceive people for electoral purposes, that they are appointed in the tribal mobilization. These complaints and accusations are verified, and any promises in return for the elections are unrealizable promises and deceptive promises,” stressing “the directive to all ministries to support the Electoral Commission with all the support it needs.” .
He pointed out that “the Ministry of Finance has great challenges and is complaining about the failure of some ministries to pay the due financial revenues, and we direct the laggard ministries to expedite the payment.”
And he indicated that “our visit to Washington was successful by all standards, and its goal included developing bilateral relations between Iraq and the United States of America, organizing them in the security aspect and building strategic relations in the fields of economy, health, culture, environment and energy, and we need the relevant ministries to take steps to provide the appropriate conditions for Implement what has been agreed upon, which is in the service of the country and its people.”

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