The US ambassador reveals the scenes of the strategic dialogue

political| 11:19 – 02/08/2021


Baghdad – Mawazine News
, the US ambassador to Baghdad, Matthew Tueller, announced, on Monday, that Iraq and the United States have agreed on a strong joint relationship, during the strategic dialogue between the two countries.
US Ambassador Matthew Tueller said, during a round table attended by “Mawazine News” correspondent, that “the strategic dialogue between Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi and the US President paves the way for a long partnership between Iraq and America,” noting that “the relationship between the two countries is based on common interests.”
He added, “Iraq is a great country with a long history, and its stability contributes to the stability of the Middle East,” noting that “corruption and external and internal interference will lead to the weakness of the Iraqi state.”
He explained, “The meeting between the two parties contributes to building a stable Iraqi state,” noting that “the strategic dialogue meetings resulted in the initiative of the United States and its assistance to Iraq, within an important partner in the international coalition to build the capabilities of the Iraqi forces, in addition to the announcement of the allocation of 155 million dollars for aid. Humanity, as well as 500,000 doses of the Corona vaccine.
And he indicated, “Iraq and the United States signed the strategic framework agreement between the two countries in 2008, but the challenges faced by the two countries were necessary to reformulate the agreement,” stressing “the possibility of cooperation in the fields of education, culture and many different fields.”
And the US ambassador added, “One of the topics discussed in the political dialogue is the United States’ assertion that those who commit acts of murder and assassination against activists will be held accountable.”
He pointed out that “the American forces are leading the international coalition at the request of the Iraqi government to fight terrorism,” noting that “the strategic dialogue included continuous discussions in this regard, and it was transferred to a working committee in order to determine the need for the American forces and what they should provide to Iraq.”
He pointed out, “The Iraqi side confirmed that there are tasks that require the cooperation of the international coalition, including training and combat advice, and the sharing of intelligence information, and the Iraqi forces are the only ones who carry out combat operations.”
Tueller stressed, “The past two years have witnessed a great development for the Iraqi forces and they are able to fight ISIS,” adding that “the air force and F-16 aircraft, in addition to the ground forces, have increased the ability of the Iraqi forces to fight ISIS.”
He stated, “The restructuring of our forces does not mean leaving all the forces, but rather changing their mission according to the timetable at the end of this year, and there will be American forces with the international coalition for advice and training,” noting that “discussions between the security leaders of the two parties to continue the assessment and the need for Iraq to combat ISIS and the role of the American side.” Knowing the threat and providing the assistance requested by the Iraqi side.”
On the other hand, Tueller stressed, “the importance of holding the elections, and in response to the request of the Iraqi government, the United States contributed financial support to the UNAMI election monitoring mission in order to hold elections with high standards, and the American side confirmed its readiness for any assistance to Iraq.”
And he expressed, “his happiness to participate in helping Iraq in the fields of health, education and culture, as well as providing support for managing the epidemic crisis, and there are a number of common aspects of energy, in addition to contributing to a number of projects to benefit from energy and associated gas and not to burn it.”
He continued, “We are aware of the importance of the economy in Basra and the southern cities, and we have taken the decision to close the consulate in Basra based on cost and security, and there may be a change later, but at the present time it cannot be reopened.”
He added, “We often hear from Iraqi officials that there are obstacles to the implementation of projects because of corruption,” stressing that “it is in the interest of the United States is the stability and strength of Iraq, especially since the country has great resources and is important in the world, because if they are exploited, they will bring prosperity to the Iraqi people, and from It is important for the government to take action in this regard.” Ended 29/R77

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