Al-Kazemi announces the launch of the economic reform plan within the white paper

politicsbreakingCorruption in IraqMustafa Al-Kazemiwhite paper 2021-08-02 07:19A-AA+

Shafaq News/ Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi chaired the meeting of the Supreme Committee for Reform in Iraq.

Al-Kazemi said, according to a statement by his office, “Since we launched the reform white paper to address the rampant corruption in the country and we have been working to create an appropriate atmosphere for its application, and our meeting today is to announce the start of implementing the administrative and executive mechanisms for the economic reform plan within the white paper.”

He added, “We strongly aspire to restore the country’s economy to its strength after the situation reached very low levels as a result of rampant corruption. This plan would rebuild the Iraqi economy in a sound manner that would achieve sustainable development for the country.”

And Al-Kazemi continued during the meeting, “The reform plan will provide a solution to the chronic economic management crisis, which is represented by complete dependence on oil, and the lack of diversification of income sources. A comprehensive reform until it is completed within 5 years.

And he indicated that “the damage to the Iraqi economy is very great, and for this reason it is impossible to implement the reform plan in a short time, and whoever promises to do so is delusional. Our goal is to advance the Iraqi state, not the current government. Governments go and the state remains, and for this we want with all our insistence.” To restore Iraq’s economic prestige.”

Al-Kazemi said, “Since we took over the administration of the executive authority of Iraq, we have been working hard to implement reforms in order to get out with the least losses for all of us. The future of our children is more important than anything, they are the builders of Iraq, and they are the ones who will lead it, so let us leave our interests and think about our children.”

In October 2020, Al-Kazemi launched what is known as the “white paper”, which extends over 100 pages, which is a “project for a solution to the chronic economic management crisis, complete dependence on oil and the lack of diversification of sources of income.”

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