As compensation for the invasion of Iraq, the United Nations pays $600 million to Kuwait

163 translated reports تقارير 2021/07/29 13:40
Baghdad today – translation
A United Nations committee paid $600 million to the Kuwait National Oil Company as compensation for Iraq’s invasion and occupation of Kuwait three decades ago .
In a report published by the Economic Times and translated by (Baghdad Today), the commission said it had “paid so far $51.3 billion since approving 1.5 million claims related to the invasion of governments and international organizations in 2005.”
The KPC succeeded in claiming $14.7 billion in compensation for losses in oil production and sales caused by damage to the country’s oil fields during the 1990-1991 Iraqi invasion and occupation that resulted in the Gulf War.
According to a UN Security Council resolution issued in 1991, Iraq allocated a percentage of its oil export revenues to the Compensation Fund, and the committee said that this share is currently limited to only 3% .
For the current payment rate, the last installment is expected to be paid within a year

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