Al-Kazemi’s advisor: Iraq is far from the scenario of Lebanon.. It has oil and it is of high financial strength

2021/07/29 18:17

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  • Section : Iraq

Baghdad / Obelisk: Adviser to the Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, ruled out, Thursday, July 28, 2021, the re-run of Lebanon’s economic scenario in Iraq, as it owns oil and is of high financial strength.

Saleh told Al-Masala, “The economic situation in Iraq is good and is unlikely to reach what Lebanon has reached, as it has collapsed banking and tourism. As for us, we have a strong financial leverage, which is oil revenues, and despite the fact that our economy is rentier, it has resources that are constantly being spent and it is considered sustainable for life, even if there are risks.” For the future, as it is dependent on oil prices, but the oil sector leads to cohesion in the economy in any way.”

He added that “the accounts of the Central Bank are strong at the present time and began to rise, and the efficiency indicators are also efficient,” noting that “the reduction in the exchange rate of the dinar has affected the economic situation, since most of the materials are imported due to the cessation of industry and our dependence on the importer, but there are things in return, materials that have not changed and remained stable, such as services governmental”.

Saleh pointed out that “the economic situation is improving, despite it affecting some people and its need for treatment policies, which is important for how to address the poor and disadvantaged classes.”

Adviser to the Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Mazhar Muhammad Salih revealed, on Thursday, July 29, 2021, an expected improvement in the vocabulary of the ration card in terms of quantity, quality of materials and the regularity of their distribution, calling at the same time, Parliament to the need to legislate the law of partnership between the private and public sectors to contribute to moving the wheel of the economy.

Saleh revealed a new policy for the government regarding the ration card.

Saleh said, in a statement to the Obelisk: The trend will be to improve the quality and regularity of the card, in order to touch the poor classes as much as possible, and this matter, if it is achieved, will give great hope. 

And Saleh indicated that there is work to make the card regular and of good quality and affects the poor classes, as well as work to expand social welfare and the ministry should reflect its studies on cash assistance.

 In addition, Mazhar Muhammad Salih called on Parliament to legislate a law on partnership between the private and public sectors for its contribution to moving the wheel of the economy.

Saleh told “The Obelisk” that the government is facing a legislative obstacle that is not approving the law on partnership between the private and public sectors, because there is a dispute over it in Parliament, expressing his hope that these differences will be resolved in the service of the country’s economy.


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