Al-Kazemi’s advisor confirms the election date: Withdrawals are normal

2021.07.29 – 20:43
Al-Kazemi’s advisor confirms the election date: Withdrawals are normal

Baghdad – people  

Hussain Al-Hendawi, Advisor to the Prime Minister for Elections Affairs, considered the withdrawal of some political forces from the electoral race as a natural matter.   

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Al-Hindawi said in a press statement followed by “Nass” (July 29, 2021), that “the next elections will take place on their scheduled date, which is the tenth of next October.”  

He added, “This date decided by the government in coordination with the Independent High Electoral Commission, the controversy ended after the issuance of a special republican decree confirming it, in addition to the decision of the House of Representatives to dissolve itself supported this date.”  

Al-Hindawi continued, “The withdrawal of some political forces from the electoral race is a natural and legitimate position, but it does not represent a legal reason to cancel or postpone the elections, and this happened in the past, as some forces withdrew from the elections without their withdrawal leading to the postponement of the polls.”  

Al-Hindawi said, “The work of the Electoral Commission is progressing appropriately, and it has succeeded in implementing the timetable for the electoral process set by the commission in coordination with United Nations experts.”  

He continued, “The Commission has also announced more than once recently its technical and logistical readiness to hold these elections on time, after it announced before that the numbers of the voters’ register, and the receipt and verification of the names of the candidates, the number of which exceeded 3,500 candidates, and they are from all provinces, and they represent the components of the Iraqi people without Exception, and from all political and regional currents, in addition to being equal in political and electoral competition.  

Regarding the use of political money in electoral propaganda, Al-Hindawi stressed that “there are effective laws that must be strongly activated to prevent the influence of the phenomenon of uncontrolled political money, as well as uncontrolled weapons, on the conduct of elections.”  

He explained that among those laws is the Political Parties and Organizations Law, which includes important articles in this regard, saying that “the commission must issue additional regulations and instructions and take more necessary measures, including punitive, on the basis of the constitution and laws to prevent any form of electoral violations.”  

He added that “government officials exploiting their positions and responsibilities are violations punishable by law, and documented reporting to the commission is required.”  

Al-Hindawi responded to the objections about the three-month electoral campaign time, saying: “The Commission has implemented the law in this regard, and the House of Representatives is the exclusively legitimate authority. As for criticism, it is always welcome, whether directed against the current election law, or against the work of the Commission.” There are fundamental procedures for objections, appeals and complaints regarding all aspects of the electoral process.  

The Prime Minister’s advisor pointed out that “the upcoming elections will take place in a completely different way and mechanisms than the previous ones. They will adopt the biometric system that will completely prevent external interference in the elections, and thus will prevent fraud.”  

He added, “The government is obligated to provide security protection for the elections, whether for polling stations and stations, or for the commission’s employees and offices, and its stores, and we hope that the elections will be successful, fair and fair in every sense of the word.”

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