The International Coalition hands over $10 million worth of equipment and ammunition to the Iraqi army

securityIraqi armyInternational AllianceJoint Operations Commandmilitary equipment 2021-07-28 12:54A-AA+

Shafaq News / The international coalition led by Washington against ISIS in Iraq delivered, on Wednesday, military equipment worth 10 million dollars to the Iraqi army.

The equipment that was delivered in the presence of the Joint Operations Command and the Seventh Division of the Iraqi Army, and under the supervision of Brigadier General Hassan Hadi, included military equipment, ammunition, tactical wheels and medical supplies, according to a coalition source who told Shafak News Agency.

The source explained, “This equipment to support Iraq in its mission to defeat ISIS is part of the Training and Equipment Fund Program to Combat ISIS that has been implemented since 2014 and is funded through the US Department of Defense budget allocated to Operation Inherent Resolve.”

“The program, which Operation Inherent Resolve is overseeing, aims to support the Iraqi government in the battle against ISIS,” he added.

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