The US ambassador: Al-Kazemi showed a firm determination to restore the prestige of the state

2021/07/28 00:49

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Baghdad / Obelisk: The US Ambassador to Iraq, Matthew Tueller, announced that the United States of America provided financial support for the success of the elections in Iraq, while noting that the meeting of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi and US President Joe Biden at the White House are indications that relations serve the interests of the two countries.

Toler said in an interview with Al-Iraqiya News that “all the bilateral meetings that took place this week in Washington, and Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s meeting with President Biden at the White House carried indications that relations between Iraq and the United States serve the interests of both countries.”

He added, “There is a firm commitment to work on establishing solid foundations, and to continue expanding horizons of cooperation on the economic and cultural level, not just on the security side.”

He pointed out that “the current US military presence in Iraq came at the invitation of the Iraqi government in 2014,” noting that “the United States leads the international coalition that includes more than 90 countries that responded to Iraq’s request for support to defeat ISIS.”

He explained, “Despite the liberation of all lands from the control of the terrorist organization, the threat it poses to Iraq and the Iraqi people still exists,” adding: “Even last week, we witnessed attacks in Sadr City, attacks on electricity and infrastructure, and we saw attacks in Diyala, Tarmiyah and other areas.” Very close to Baghdad.

He continued, “There is still a need for the coalition to assist the Iraqi forces that are confronting and defeating ISIS and ensuring its continued defeat,” stressing that “the course of the coalition’s role has changed with the development of the capabilities of the Iraqi forces as a result of their close work with the coalition forces, and last week’s meetings confirmed these changes.” “.

He went on to say: “The important meetings held by the Technical Security Committee discussed this issue, as the Deputy Commander of the Iraqi Joint Operations met with his American counterparts, and they identified the required needs during the coming months and years, as well as how the coalition can lead the international response to support the Iraqi forces to be a strong institution.” sovereign, capable of protecting Iraq and its people.”

He pointed out that “the United States seeks to achieve stability and security in the region from the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf,” stressing that “President Biden expressed this clearly during the meeting with Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, as he indicated that the stability of Iraq is the stability of the region. The presence of Iraq As a strong, stable and united state, it will be reflected in the region.”

He continued, “We believe that Iraq has these capabilities, and we want to help the Iraqis,” adding: “The Iraqis are proud of their country, as they should be, and we hope to help in their quest for a future worthy of the people, especially children and grandchildren.”

And Tueller: “Our diplomatic presence is based on normal diplomatic relations, as providing security protection for our embassy and our employees is the responsibility of the Iraqi government, and for this we count on a strong and sovereign Iraqi state to provide security not only for diplomats and other international organizations, but for the Iraqi government and institutions as well.” .

The US ambassador pointed out, “Over the past year, Al-Kazemi showed a solid determination to restore the prestige of the Iraqi state institutions. He has taken a number of steps that we believe are very reassuring, in the field of protecting diplomatic missions, and he has taken strict measures to ensure that some of the perpetrators of these attacks are held accountable, not the attacks against Not only embassies, but also those who attacked and killed Iraqi journalists, demonstrators and activists,” stressing that “when we see that the ability of the Iraqi government led by Al-Kazemi to hold those involved accountable and arrest them, this is what we want to see and encourage.”

He pointed out that “the Iraqi demonstrations in 2019 clearly expressed their demands, when young men took to the streets with the support of their families, and said we want to restore our country, demanded early elections, and forced the government at the time to resign.”

He went on to say: “It is

He explained, “There will be security challenges, because there are some parties that want to obstruct the elections,” stressing that “in order to help Iraq conduct the elections, the United States provides significant financial support, first to UNAMI, which will play a role in monitoring the elections, as well as to the Independent High Authority for Elections. Through civil society and non-governmental organizations that provide technical support.

“We want to see elections take place, but above all, the Iraqi people want to see fair elections, for many Iraqis to vote, to show that they still believe in democracy, they still believe in the political process and the Iraqi constitution,” Tueller said.

He continued: “We encourage normal relations between Iran and Iraq, we do not seek to create problems between Iraq and Iran,” stressing that “

He pointed out that “the problem is that many Iranian activities inside Iraq undermine Iraqi sovereignty. It is not normal for a neighboring country to support armed groups and political parties that weaken state institutions in Iraq,” noting that “these Iranian activities worry us greatly, and I think they are a cause of concern for many Iraqis who do not They want to see any neighboring or foreign country in their country that controls and supports armed groups, sectarian or ethnic groups.”

He stressed that “a strong Iraqi state is the one who can confront this kind of malicious activities.”

And he stated: “We strongly support the “white paper” presented by this government under the supervision of the Minister of Finance. It embodies very important reform steps that will reduce the government’s heavy dependence on oil energy revenues, diversify sources of income, and reduce the public sector’s very large dependence on salaries. “, stressing that “this type of reforms will be difficult, and will not happen overnight, but it will certainly lead to the revitalization and strengthening of the Iraqi economy.”

He pointed out that “it is sometimes difficult to make international companies think of investing in Iraq now because there are security and investment obstacles, in addition to the fact that the oil market is currently changing very quickly.”

He stressed that “some companies operating in Iraq are now considering reducing their activities and returning to diversify their sources of income.

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