The security media issued a statement regarding an explosion in a warehouse belonging to the Imam Ali Combat Team



Baghdad / Al-Mawrid News

Today, Monday, the Security Media Cell issued a statement regarding an explosion in an ammunition store belonging to the Imam Ali Combat Team, while pointing out that the joint operations formed an investigative committee to find out the circumstances of the accident.

The cell stated in a statement, “The Joint Operations Command formed an investigative committee against the background of the explosion of a stockpile of equipment belonging to the Imam Ali Division in the Popular Mobilization Authority in Najaf Governorate, to determine the final causes of the explosion, determine responsibilities, and take legal measures against any failure.”

And she pointed out that “information with technical experts at the scene of the accident determined that the explosion was caused by poor storage, with the high temperature,” noting that “the civil defense teams are currently at the accident site for treatment, and the air defenses did not record any flight of marches and others near the store.” accident in the county.

And she indicated that “the Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces had previously directed, against the background of similar bombing incidents, to reconsider the mechanisms for storing weapons, and to apply sound official standards in the storage process in all camps in order to preserve the lives of citizens and the weapons and equipment of the state and its armed forces.”

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