The full meeting between Joe Biden and Mustafa Al-Kazemi at the White House (video and photos)

2021.07.26 – 21:49
The full meeting between Joe Biden and Mustafa Al-Kazemi at the White House (video and photos)

Baghdad – people  

The Iraqi delegation headed by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi discussed, on Monday, with US President Joe Biden, at the White House, a number of common files between the two countries.  

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The Iraqi delegation, headed by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, arrived Monday evening at the White House in Washington, DC.  

Al-Kazemi said, according to what was reported by the official channel, and followed by “Nas” (July 26, 2021), “I am pleased with the continuation of cooperation between Baghdad and Washington,” stressing that “our relations have many health, cultural and other aspects.”    

Biden said, “We will send 500,000 doses of vaccine to Iraq,” noting that “his aspiration is for the Iraqi elections.”    

Biden added, “We want to continue to support Iraq in intelligence,” noting that “the American role in Iraq will focus on training assistance and what is related to ISIS.”    

The US President stressed, “The US-Iraqi partnership continues, and my administration is committed to it, and we are committed to security cooperation and confronting ISIS with the Iraqi government.”    

For his part, Al-Kazemi said, “The partnership with the United States is strategic.”    

A few minutes before the start of the meeting between Al-Kazemi and Biden, Cabinet spokesman Hassan Nazim said that “Iraq sees that the need for American combat forces has disappeared.”    

He added that “Iraq needs American assistance in the field of information and intelligence advisory.”

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