Financing agreement between France and the United Nations on monitoring the Iraqi elections

2021.07.26 – 18:21
Financing agreement between France and the United Nations on monitoring the Iraqi elections

Baghdad – people  

On Monday, the United Nations signed a funding agreement with France to support the United Nations monitoring of the Iraqi parliament elections in October 2021.  

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A statement by the United Nations in Iraq, a copy of which was received by “Nass” (July 26, 2021), stated that it “welcomed a contribution from France of 500,000 euros for a project led by the United Nations to monitor the upcoming Iraqi Parliament elections on October 10, 2021, and French funding will support the publication of United Nations election observers in accordance with Security Council Resolution 2576 of 2021.  

The French Ambassador to Iraq, Bruno Aubert, said that “the international community has responded positively to the request made by the Government of Iraq to monitor the upcoming legislative elections, and France is committed to supporting free, fair and credible elections in Iraq in response to the aspirations, rule of law and reforms expressed by Iraqi citizens.” .  

On behalf of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), the United Nations Office for Project Services signed an “agreement with France to oversee the financing and management of the project,” while the United Nations “thanked France for its contribution that enhances support for a credible and transparent election process in Iraq “.  


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