Biden: Washington will end its combat mission in Iraq during the current year..and are anxious for the date of the Iraqi elections

2021/07/26 21:24

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Baghdad/The Obelisk:

Al-Kazemi: Our relationship today is stronger than ever, and I look forward to bringing Iraq and the United States closer for the sake of our two countries.

Al-Kadhimi: I want to thank the American people on behalf of the Iraqi people, and thank you for everything the Americans have done for a free and democratic Iraq.

Biden: We support Iraqi democracy and are anxious for the Iraqi legislative elections.

Biden: Washington will end its combat mission in Iraq this year

Biden: The US-Iraqi partnership continues, and my administration is committed to it

Biden: We are committed to security cooperation and confronting ISIS with the Iraqi government

Biden: We discussed a lot with Baghdad, and we look forward to holding elections next October

Biden: The US role in Iraq will be linked to providing assistance in the field of training and confronting ISIS

Iraqi Prime Minister: The United States helped us defeat ISIS, and we thank you for that

Al-Kazemi: Partnership with the United States is a strategy

Al-Kazemi: I am pleased with the continuation of the cooperation between the two countries

Al-Kazemi: Our relations have many aspects, health, cultural and others

Biden: We will send 500,000 doses of vaccine to Iraq

Biden: I am looking forward to the Iraqi elections

Biden: We want to continue supporting Iraq in intelligence

Biden: The US role in Iraq will focus on training assistance and related to ISIS

The US President: The US administration is committed to strengthening the partnership with Iraq

US President: Cooperation with Iraq in the fight against terrorism will continue

Al-Kazemi meets Biden at the White House


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