The Iraqi government takes 7 new decisions

politicsbreakingdecisionsIraqi Council of Ministers 2021-07-24 13:23A-AA+

Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, chaired on Saturday the 28th regular session of the Council of Ministers, during which he took 7 new decisions after discussing the latest developments in the country and the topics on the agenda.

Al-Kazemi’s office stated in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, that the latter discussed, at the beginning of the session, the work of the ministerial committee formed to investigate the accident of Imam Hussein Teaching Hospital in Dhi Qar Governorate, in light of the request submitted by its members to extend its work due to the Eid holiday.

His Excellency urged the committee to expedite the investigation and to deepen it with full transparency in order to achieve the truth and identify the culprits in the accident.

The meeting also discussed the service reality of the capital, Baghdad, and the need to make all efforts by the concerned authorities to raise the level of services provided.

The Prime Minister gave the Mayor of Baghdad 14 days to immediately address the waste problem in the capital’s neighborhoods, and not be held accountable.

The Cabinet hosted the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Electricity, to discuss the current reality of electricity, the efforts of the Ministry of Electricity to increase the production of electric energy, and attempts to avoid problems and challenges facing the work of the Ministry.

The Prime Minister directed the Ministry of Electricity to redouble its efforts in order to provide electricity to citizens and alleviate their suffering.

The Council also hosted the President of the Federal Financial Supervision Bureau and the Chairman of the Integrity Commission, where a number of issues related to the work of these two oversight bodies, which perform important oversight tasks and duties, were discussed.

Al-Kazemi stressed the importance of the oversight role in government and institutional work in general, and the need to develop work mechanisms so that they do not hinder the work of state institutions.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health reviewed the epidemiological report on the Corona pandemic, the developments of the work of the Committee to Strengthen Government Actions in the Fields of Health Awareness Prevention and Control to limit the spread of the virus, the efforts of health institutions to provide services to the infected, whose numbers have increased in recent weeks, and their efforts to urge citizens to prevent, and immunize with vaccines Provided by the Ministry of Health in good quantities through vaccination outlets throughout the country.

After discussing the topics on the agenda, the Council of Ministers issued the following decisions: 

First / Approval of the Ministry of Finance’s contribution to the second withdrawal of the fourth renewal of the resources of the OPEC Fund for International Development for the years (2021-2024), in which Iraq’s share amounted to (1,788,000) dollars, only seventeen million eight hundred and eighty thousand dollars, at a rate of (4,470,000) dollars, only Four million four hundred and seventy thousand dollars annually.

Second / Determining the work of Cabinet Resolution (190) for the year 2021 for a period of two months starting from July 9, 2021, regarding the supply of the Ministry of Oil, the Ministry of Water Resources with fuel, oils and fats on credit, and at a rate of (100%) for the departments listed below: 

1. The General Authority for the Operation of Irrigation and Drainage Projects.

2. The General Authority for the Maintenance of Irrigation and Drainage.

3. River Cree Business Department.

Third / Approval of the draft law of the first amendment to the Law on the Welfare of Persons with Disabilities and Special Needs (38 of 2013), which was reviewed by the State Council and referred to the House of Representatives, based on the provisions of Articles (61 / item first, and 80 / item second) of the constitution, taking With interest the notes of the Legal Department of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers mentioned in its memorandum numbered M. D/ Q/2/2/335/60 L.Q., dated 27/1/2021.

Fourth / The Ministry of Finance allocates an amount of (2117,000,000) dinars, only two billion one hundred and seventeen billion dinars, from the emergency reserve for the fiscal year / 2021, to the Ministry of Agriculture / the Veterinary Department and in an emergency manner to provide the needs, supplies and vaccines for avian influenza (H5N8); This is to contain the disease and protect poultry projects in Iraq, based on the provisions of Article (5) of the General Federal Budget Law of the Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year / 2021.

Fifth / The Ministry of Finance transferred an amount of (30,000,000) dinars, only thirty billion Iraqi dinars, from the allocations for receiving the wheat crop from the account of the Ministry of Trade to the account of the Ministry of Agriculture, for the purpose of filling the financial shortfall in receiving the wheat crop seeds, and providing seeds of higher ranks for the next season.

Sixth / Approval of the increase in the capital of the public companies listed below, approved by the Federal Financial Supervision Bureau, and the Capital Determination Committee in the Ministry of Finance, based on the provisions of Article (10) of the Public Companies Law (22 of 1997), as amended, as follows:

1. The Iraqi Oil Tanker Company is one of the formations of the Ministry of Oil with an amount of (131,8291,7503) dinars, only one hundred and thirty-one billion and eighty-two million and nine hundred and seventeen thousand five hundred and three dinars.

2. Diyala State Company, one of the formations of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, with an amount of (413,7580,9561) dinars, only forty-one billion, three hundred and seventy-five million, eight hundred and nine thousand, five hundred and sixty-one dinars.

3. Ur State Company, one of the formations of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, with an amount of (46 billion) dinars, only forty-six billion dinars.

4. The Ministries of Oil, Industry and Minerals have taken the necessary measures to implement the above.

Seventh / Approval of the Ministry of Oil’s procedures to complete the basis for negotiation while achieving fair standards for the actual performance indicator, in a manner that guarantees the best international practices, and evaluating the financial standards in a way that matches the applicable inflation rates, proceeding to sign with the French Total and accelerating the formation of administrative and technical entities to implement and manage the project In the implementation phase, submit its final report (after signature) before the Council of Ministers as soon as possible.

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