Arrest Of The Planners And Perpetrators Of The Latest Sadr City Attack In Baghdad

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On July 24, 2021

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The Independent/- Ahmed Abdullah/ The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, announced today, Saturday, the arrest of the planners and perpetrators of the latest Sadr City attack in Baghdad.And he said in a press statement: “The tears and sorrow of the hearts of our people, the families of the martyrs of Sadr City, was our way and our beacon for carrying out the arrest operation of all the cowardly terrorist network that planned and executed the treacherous attack on the Al-Wahilat market.”He added, “The network’s elements will be presented today before the law and our people, and they will be an example to every unjust, unjust aggressor. Mercy for the martyrs of Iraq, and retribution for the criminals.”On the nineteenth of this month, RT’s correspondent in Iraq quoted an Iraqi military commander as saying that a suicide bomber blew himself up in the Al-Wailat market in Sadr City in Baghdad, noting that the explosion killed 28 civilians, including women and children.It is noteworthy that Al-Waheilat market is one of the crowded popular markets, and is considered a market for social segments with limited income.

القبض على مخططي ومنفذي هجوم مدينة الصدر الأخير ببغداد

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