Fouad Hussein in the strategic dialogue round between Iraq and America: full coordination with Washington

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Shafaq News/ Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein affirmed today, Friday, that the Iraqi government is moving confidently towards holding the elections on schedule, and highlighted the importance of full respect for Iraq’s sovereignty, and the continuation of full security coordination with the United States.

Hussein said in his speech; Today, we are in the American capital, Washington, in response to the invitation of Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken to hold the work of the Supreme Committee emanating from the Strategic Framework Agreement for the Friendship and Cooperation Relationship between the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America, which represents a continuation of the strategic dialogue since the launch of its first round in June of last year.

Hussein indicated, “This round of dialogue comes as a continuation of the previous three rounds, which were held in succession, as it provides a clear vision of what characterizes the partnership and alliance relationship between Iraq and the United States and the serious efforts of the two governments to consolidate it, and it is a continuation of the joint efforts that were made in those rounds.” The first round was hypothetically held on June 11, 2020, the second was held in Washington, DC, on August 19, 2020, and the third was held on April 7, 2021. In this meeting, we look forward to completing what was agreed upon in the third round of dialogue and moving forward. To achieve more progress in all dialogue sessions that will be held by the relevant committees.

And he stated that “these sessions represent a serious will for both countries to reach common understandings for cooperation in various sectors, and are a continuation of the agreements that resulted from previous rounds in sectors such as (oil and gas, electricity, financial, health, environmental, and cultural sectors) in addition to the security and military aspects.” .

The Minister of Foreign Affairs called on representatives of the sessions in various sectors to “make more efforts to reach fruitful results that lead to the achievement of the common goals of both countries.”

And he continued, “We participated at the end of last month in the ministerial meeting of the International Alliance at the joint invitation of the foreign ministers of the United States of America and Italy, whose work was held in the capital, Rome on June 28, and we conducted intensive dialogues with all parties, during which Iraq affirmed its full commitment to ensuring The inevitable defeat of the terrorist organization ISIS and the permanence of the victory achieved by joint cooperation.

Hussein pointed out that “Iraq appreciates the efforts made by the US government to rehabilitate and train the Iraqi security forces, equip them and provide advice in the intelligence field, in order to reach the required readiness in relying on their own capabilities, in a way that enhances Iraq’s sovereignty and security and preserves its gains by defeating the terrorist organization ISIS.” Pointing out that “Iraq today stresses the importance of sustaining the momentum and international efforts led by the United States of America through the international coalition, as it constitutes, in parallel with the military efforts, an inevitable victory over the ideology of injustice and hatred that terrorism is trying to spread in societies.”

He stressed that “our security forces still need the programs provided by the United States of America, related to training, arming, equipping, and capacity-building, and we seek to continue bilateral security coordination and cooperation,” stressing “the commitment of the Government of Iraq to protect the personnel of diplomatic missions, their headquarters and facilities, and to ensure the security of the Iraqi military bases that host International Coalition Forces.

The Iraqi foreign minister explained, “The Iraqi government and parliament succeeded in protecting national gains in preserving democracy and the legitimate rights of the Iraqi people to live in freedom and dignity. To achieve the demands of the Iraqi people and the credibility of the promises made by the Iraqi government, a new electoral law was enacted and a new independent high commission for elections was formed.” .

He pointed out that “the Iraqi government is moving confidently towards holding the elections on the scheduled date on the tenth of next October, despite the challenges, while ensuring the provision of a safe environment for voters to achieve free and fair parliamentary elections to restore confidence in the democratic process in Iraq.”

Hussein noted; To “the efforts made by the international community, through the United Nations, to monitor the upcoming elections process, as the UN Security Council approved its resolution No. (2576) for the year 2021, with an Iraqi request, to extend the work of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) for the next year and expand its jurisdiction to include monitoring the general parliamentary elections “.

Hussein continued, “We can only thank the countries that supported Iraq’s request to strengthen the procedures for monitoring elections and ensuring their integrity, and the efforts of the United States in particular for its initiatives in this regard.”

He added, “Many memoranda of understanding have been concluded in various sectors during previous rounds of dialogue, which support our endeavors to affirm the common interests between the two sides.”

The Iraqi foreign minister confirmed; Iraq has continued to strengthen its economic independence and achieve regional and international partnerships in a balanced manner, the latest of which was the Tripartite Summit initiative between the Iraqi government, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Arab Republic of Egypt, as well as efforts to link Iraq to the regional energy system across the Gulf states.

He pointed out that “the Iraqi government is completing its efforts to lift the injustice that befallen our society, which has multiple components of the injustice and darkness of terrorism, as the Iraqi Parliament has enacted the Yazidi survivors law, and this is a step that has a great impact in supporting the victims of the terrorist organization and ensuring that its members are held accountable for the criminal acts committed against them.” Innocent citizens, along with the government’s steps in cooperation with international partners to promote dialogue and societal peace, reject violence and extremism, respect religious, sectarian, ethnic and national diversity in Iraq, and reject forms of discrimination among citizens, which the Iraqi constitution affirmed.

He referred to the efforts of the Iraqi government to reach an agreement in Sinjar to maintain security in it in cooperation between the federal security forces and the Peshmerga forces, as many joint security centers were established in areas where pockets of the terrorist organization Daesh are active, as well as the efforts of the Iraqi government and in coordination with international organizations to ensure the return voluntary for the displaced.

He noted, “The Iraqi government has pursued a path to support security and stability internally and at the regional level by relying on dialogue and taking joint opportunities to achieve this, so we affirm full respect for Iraq’s sovereignty in a manner that guarantees its internal stability and not being drawn into regional conflicts.”

With regard to confronting the Corona pandemic and its challenges; Hussein said; “What the world is facing today is the emergence of new strains that are more harmful to the lives of citizens, which requires completing cooperation between the ministries of health in both countries to provide requirements for rapid response to ward off the risks of this pandemic, expressing his hope that agreements for support and cooperation in the field of health will be reached during The side meeting will be held between the two sides.

Hussein concluded by saying that “Iraq renews its affirmation and commitment to strengthening its strategic partnership with the United States of America as a key partner in the international coalition to fight ISIS.”

Hussein renewed; Iraq’s commitment to contract and strengthen economic partnership, investment and joint action in all sectors, which are included in the Strategic Framework Agreement, with a commitment to respecting Iraq’s sovereignty and ensuring full coordination with the Iraqi government. And the great historical responsibility entrusted to us, and we wish success for our joint work, and we hope in today’s sessions to reach common understandings and agreements for all sectors of cooperation.”

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