Al-Kazemi talks about Iran’s debts and the files of his visit to Washington and confirms: The crowd is a young institution

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Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi announced, on Sunday, the existence of a mechanism to pay the debts owed by Iraq in favor of Iran, while confirming that the completion percentage reached 85% in the file of the electrical connection with the Gulf countries.

The Iranian debts are sums of money owed by Iraq since the imposition of US sanctions on Iran in 2018, payable in return for providing the Iranian side with gas and power lines.

Al-Kazemi said during an interview with the Saudi “Al-Arabiya Al-Hadath” channel, that “Iraq is working on the electrical connection with the Gulf countries and has been able to complete 85% of it so far,” stressing that “the electrical system will be protected after providing additional protection.”

The Prime Minister indicated that the Iraqi government “found a mechanism for the Iranian debt file,” noting that “political corruption spoiled the process of providing services to citizens, and that the country’s exposure to security and economic collapse was the reason behind accepting the prime minister’s job.”

water file

Regarding the water crisis with neighboring countries, the Iraqi Prime Minister pointed out that “there is a serious dialogue with Turkey on the water file,” noting that “there is a great improvement in the means of dialogue with the Turkish side on the water file.”

housing crisis

On the problem of housing in Iraq, Al-Kazemi said that “the absurd wars and displacement led to overcrowding of cities, including the capital, Baghdad,” stressing his government’s intention to distribute “550 thousand plots of land to the poor and employees to solve the housing problem.”

The popular crowd

Regarding the security files, Al-Kazemi stated, “The Popular Mobilization is an Iraqi constitutional institution, and its loyalty is to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, but it is young and many problems occur in it.”

“We should not be afraid of some events related to the popular crowd, especially since it is now at its best in terms of discipline and loyalty,” he added.

Targeting missions

Regarding the missile and drone attacks targeting diplomatic missions and American interests in Iraq, Al-Kazemi noted that “the non-state groups want to turn Iraq into a battlefield,” sending a message to them by saying that “you have no choice but the state, and your absurd actions do not serve anyone.”

The Prime Minister stressed that “real steps were taken to protect diplomatic missions and arrest a large group of violators,” noting that “coordination with the Kurdistan Region led to the arrest of some violators, and we will protect all state institutions.”

Washington visit

On his visit to Washington and meeting with US President Joe Biden on the 26th of this month, Al-Kazemi explained, “His visit to Washington comes to organize US-Iraqi relations and end the US combat presence, because the Iraqi forces are ready, and there is no need for foreign combat forces on the ground, except for the training and intelligence role.” “.

He continued, “The government is responsible for Iraqi sovereignty and must protect the missions,” stressing that “the sovereign decision is Iraqi with distinction.”

US-Iranian tension

Al-Kazemi expressed his hope that Iraq would not be “an arena for the American-Iranian conflict,” stressing that the Iraqi government “helps a mechanism for dialogue between them.”

“Everyone should understand Iraq’s special circumstances, the conflict will have regional repercussions,” he said, stressing that the Iraqi government “is talking with the Iranian side about Iraq’s need for stability.”

He added that “Iran is working hard to help Iraq build stability and calm,” explaining, “We need a (state-to-state) relationship with Iran and respect for the privacy of each country.”


Regarding efforts to combat terrorism, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, pointed out that “Iraq has security and military cooperation with all neighboring countries,” noting that “the security forces succeeded in arresting dozens of terrorists on the border with Syria.”

He continued, “Protecting the borders with Syria is a top priority and the gaps are very few now,” adding, “ISIS is trying to exploit the circumstances and is looking for media operations, not qualitative ones, and is looking for an incubator without success.”

Arabic depth

Regarding the Arab depth, Al-Kazemi indicated that “Iraq’s relations with Saudi Arabia are very excellent, and Baghdad is in dire need of its Arab brothers.”

He noted that “the Saudi crown prince is a personal friend of his, and he is very happy with his reform efforts in Saudi Arabia,” stressing that his current government seeks to “restore Iraq’s historical role in the region and bring the views of the countries closer.”

Regarding the Iraqi-Egyptian-Jordanian coordination, the Iraqi Prime Minister revealed the existence of a summit, the fifth of its kind, to be held in Cairo, stressing that “coordination with Jordan and Egypt is not a new axis.”

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