We are working to disburse the salaries of retirees before Eid al-Adha.. This is what we are waiting

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Saturday 17 July 2021 | 12:41 PM| Number of readings: 130Work: for

On Saturday, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs issued a clarification regarding the delay in releasing the salaries of insured retirees .A statement by the ministry stated, “The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs / Department of Retirement and Social Security for Workers has completed all the procedures for disbursing pension salaries for the months of July and August, and the lists of salaries and checks were sent to the General Administration of Rafidain Bank on Sunday, 7-11-2021,” noting that “The delay occurred as a result of the clearing that occurred during Wednesday, which coincided with the official holiday .”He added, “The ministry is waiting for the exchange instruction by the General Administration of Rafidain Bank, and the release of salaries will be announced on the official page, the ministry’s website, the department’s page and various media once they are launched by the bank .”He added, “This meal is supposed to be launched in the month of August, but due to the approaching Eid al-Adha, the department sought to spend it before the scheduled date.”



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