Baghdad reveals the goals of Al-Kazemi’s visit to Washington

political| 03:29 – 07/17/2021


Baghdad – Mawazine News
, Hussein Allawi, Advisor to the Prime Minister, announced, on Saturday, the objectives of Al-Kazemi’s visit to the United States on July 26.
Allawi told the official news agency: “Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s upcoming visit to the United States of America is very important and comes within the framework of the Iraqi-American strategic dialogue in its new phase, after three successful rounds of strategic dialogue culminated in reducing the American advisory presence within the international coalition mission from 5200 to 2500 A military advisor, pointing out that “the sustainability of the war on ISIS remnants is carried out in partnership with intelligence, and the continuation of Iraqi weapons of American origin, in addition to the development of rehabilitation, organization and training programs for the Iraqi armed forces and the Iraqi intelligence services.”
He pointed out that “the strength of the visit lies in the personality of the prime minister, who is one of the few leaders whom the democratic American administration has worked to receive at the White House to discuss the future of relations between the two countries,” noting that “the American administration knows the importance of Iraq in the American strategy in the Middle East and leadership ability. The Iraqi government aims to attract support for national policies in order to run the country, confront crises, and go to free and fair elections, as promised by the Prime Minister in the government curriculum.
Allawi added that “Al-Kazemi seeks to discuss the timetable for reducing the advisory forces after conducting the military-technical dialogue session between the Iraqi side and the American side, which was held in the capital, Baghdad recently,” stressing that “setting the timetable means returning Iraqi-American relations to a stage before the fall of Mosul.” 2014 and working under the umbrella of the Strategic Framework Agreement between the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America.
He stressed that “Al-Kazemi is working to transfer Iraqi-American relations from the military framework to a comprehensive framework that is based on the political-economic dimension and the implementation of the work of the joint committees in light of the six items of cooperation between Iraq and the United States within the strategic framework agreement in the political, security, economic, educational, technological and health fields.” And the environment,” explaining that “the visit also aims to strengthen the Iraqi economy by working with the contact group and the International Monetary Fund on the white paper presented by the Al-Kazemi government to reform the Iraqi economy, in addition to meeting with economic institutions such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, research centers, international institutions, businessmen and American companies.” “.
He added, “The visit will also witness an explanation of the Iraqi government’s work in providing the electoral climate for the holding of elections to the legislative authority through the work of the Independent High Electoral Commission, especially after the Security Council resolution supporting the work of the Iraqi government and the Commission in conducting elections and urging countries of the world and international institutions to contribute to monitoring the elections through International election observers,” noting that “the visit will focus on the strategic partnership between Iraq and the US government, strengthening bilateral cooperation under the Strategic Framework Agreement, strengthening and developing partnership in education, health, culture, energy and climate initiatives, and cooperation between the Iraqi and US government in political, economic and security issues to include efforts joint efforts to ensure the permanent defeat of the terrorist organization ISIS. Ended 29/R77

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