Parliament is amending its agenda for tomorrow (document)

2021.07.12 – 21:00
Parliament is amending its agenda for tomorrow (document)

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Baghdad – people  

The House of Representatives changed its agenda for its session scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday.  

According to a copy of the table, “Nass” received a copy of it, (12 July 2021), that the House of Representatives deleted the paragraph of interrogating the Minister of Finance, and discussing the Child Protection Law from its agenda.  


The House of Representatives announced, today, Monday, the agenda for its session for tomorrow, Tuesday.  

A document issued by the Council, a copy of which was received by “People” (July 12, 2021), stated that Parliament intends to question the Minister of Finance in tomorrow’s session, as well as vote on a number of proposals, report and discuss draft laws, before an amendment is made to the table and deleted. two paragraphs.


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