Parliamentary Economy: Two steps will prevent the theft of about 4 billion dollars annually in Iraqmoney and business

Economy News _ Baghdad

On Monday, a member of the Economy Committee in the House of Representatives, Nada Shaker, revealed two steps that can be implemented at the border crossings that will ensure that revenues reach the state treasury without being stolen.

Shaker said in a press interview, “The Economic Committee provided many solutions and treatments for the government in order to control the revenues of the border crossings,” noting that “the percentage of lost revenue that goes to the pockets of the corrupt is estimated annually at more than 4 billion dollars.”

She added that “among those proposals is the automation of the outlets through a unified electronic system, as well as working to change the mechanisms used by the authority, because it facilitates the work of the corrupt and continues to steal public money.”

She explained that “complete control of the border crossings will ensure the arrival of more than 7 billion dollars annually to the state treasury, and perhaps much more than this number.”

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