In the ministers’ session… Al-Kazemi’s government takes two new decisions

politicsbreakingdecisionsIraqi Council of Ministers 2021-06-29 10:31A-AA+

Shafaq News/ During its weekly session on Tuesday, the Iraqi Council of Ministers took two new decisions regarding electricity and supporting cultural events.

Al-Kazemi’s office said in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, that during the ministers’ session, Al-Kazemi renewed his previous directives for the ministers to work hard in order to create a stable electoral environment, and to create the appropriate atmosphere for holding the elections without any obstacles and in a way that ensures wide participation of voters.

He also called on all ministries to exert their utmost efforts and help the Independent Electoral Commission to carry out its work and perform its duties in an optimal manner.

Al-Kazemi pointed to Iraq’s success in hosting the tripartite, Iraqi-Jordanian-Egyptian summit, in the presence of Jordan’s King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein, and President of the Arab Republic of Egypt Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, within the framework of Iraq’s openness to its Arab surroundings, restoring its regional role, and building complementary relations with its brothers based on Common interests and to achieve the stability and well-being of peoples.

The Cabinet session witnessed a review of the latest developments in the work of the Committee to Strengthen Governmental Measures in the areas of prevention and health awareness control to limit the spread of the Corona pandemic, especially with the emergence of signs of an escalation in the number of infections and what the Ministry of Health requires to double work to confront it, in addition to its efforts in securing vaccines and distributing them to health institutions In Baghdad and the provinces, he urged citizens to take the vaccine.

After the Council of Ministers discussed the topics on the agenda, it issued the following decisions: 

First / Approval of the recommendation of the Ministerial Council for Energy (89 for the year 2021), according to the following:

– Signing an annex to a second contract for the supply of electric power via the (Khabat – Qaraqosh) line with a voltage of (132) kV and a capacity of (100-150) megawatts, in addition to the capacity previously contracted to supply it according to the Council of Ministers’ decision (150 of 2021), and a line (Chemchamal). – Taza), and two lines (Kardamala – Debs) in the amount of (300 + -15%), to compensate for the shortage of electrical energy due to the decrease in energy supplies from the Iranian side and the continued need for the electrical system, and at the tariff price for energy imported from the Iranian side, provided that the processing is starting From 15 May 2021.

– The General Electricity Transmission Company/Northern Region, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Electricity, bears the amounts of taxes owed, and this is regulated by the contract concluded with the supplying company.

Second / agree to the following:

Excluding the purchase of copyrights (Copy Right), contracting foreign literature for translation into national languages, the production of cinematic, theatrical and folklore works from the contracting methods set forth in the instructions for implementing government contracts (2 of 2014), the instructions for implementing the federal general budget for the fiscal year / 2021, and simplifying the procedures for purchasing Intellectual property rights of foreign literature by approving electronic communications to own it, as is the case in the Arab world and the countries of the world.

Providing financial grants for cinematographic films from the budget available in the Ministry of Culture for the co-production of the following films:

 A – The wood man

 B – Messi Baghdad

 C – the exam

 D- Europe

 E – the hanging gardens

– Ministry of Culture employees receive wages for their work in translation or film and theater productions and folk arts within the budget and the allocated sections, provided that the conditions mentioned in Article (53) of the Civil Service Law (24 of 1960) as amended are met.

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