Confirmation of what was published by Shafak News.. Al-Kazemi heads to Belgium

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Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi and his accompanying delegation left on Tuesday the capital, Baghdad, on an official visit to the European Union headquarters in the Belgian capital, Brussels.

In a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, Al-Kazemi’s office said that he will hold a series of meetings and dialogues with the Belgian side and the European Union to enhance the level of Iraqi-European cooperation.

Al-Kazemi confirmed, before his departure, that the visit will focus on activating the agreements concluded between Iraq and the European Union countries, and in a way that contributes to Iraq’s overcoming the economic crisis and expanding the scope of investments.

He added, “Iraq faces a seasonal shortage in the supply of electric power that the government feels and will take measures to address it, knowing that we have opened 4 major electric power stations this year, and we look forward to opening more stations in the coming months.”

Al-Kazemi also indicated that “the production of electrical energy has reached its highest level over the past decades, but the challenges are still great, and we still need more serious work to rise to the level of our people’s entitlement and their legitimate rights, including energy provision.”

He pointed out that “the electricity crisis is the result of poor planning in this field, and the waste of money and energies for the past long years without a clear methodology for a long-term solution.”

He continued by saying, “This government inherited a legacy of poor planning in the field of energy and worked during the past year to expand investments in electric power in addition to activating the investment of Iraqi gas, which is the decisive factor in operating our electric stations, most of which run on gas, which reflects previous poor planning and lack of strategic plans in this field.

Al-Kazemi stressed that “the discussions that he will hold with the European Union countries will focus on this field, in addition to other economic, security and political fields.”

An informed government source told Shafaq News Agency that Al-Kazemi will leave the country for Belgium, the first stop in a tour to hold talks with European officials.

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