A “high” meeting in finance to discuss the projects of the white paper

2021.06.27 – 16:59
A "high" meeting in finance to discuss the projects of the white paper

Baghdad – people  

Finance Minister Ali Abdel Amir Allawi confirmed, on Sunday, the ministry’s orientation towards maximizing non-oil revenues to support the resources of public budgets, while confirming the discussion of the study of government support for companies and productive sectors.  

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And the ministry stated in a statement, that “Nass” received a copy of it (June 27, 2021), that “Minister Ali Abdel Amir Allawi, chaired a follow-up session on the implementation of the white paper projects, in the presence of the Prime Minister’s advisor and executive director of the Economic Reform Committee Alaa Al-Saadi, the Undersecretary and advisors to the Minister of Finance and a number of From the general managers, during which the implementation of the projects approved by the financial and economic reform plan related to the axis of government expenditures, including the project to reduce the gap in the public budget deficit at safe levels, was followed up.  

She added that “the public spending project was discussed and work towards directing it to enhance the investment aspect with positive returns for the benefit of the overall national economy.”  

The ministry confirmed, “The meeting discussed the study of government support for public companies and the focus of support towards productive sectors and companies contributing to the gross domestic product.”  

During the session, Allawi stressed the need to “continue efforts and work towards maximizing non-oil revenues and moving towards reducing the financial expenditures borne by the state budget as a result of the burdens of financial support for public companies with high rates, which cast a shadow of negative effects on the development and development of the rest of the productive sectors.”



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