The Kurdistan Regional Government sets a date for Baghdad to send 200 billion: Our share of the budget is more than 11 trillion

Kurdistan womenBaghdadbreakingbudgetTerritory 2021-06-22 06:38A-AA+

Shafaq News/ The Minister of Planning in the Kurdistan Regional Government, Dara Rashid, announced on Wednesday that the federal government will send 200 billion dinars, with a retroactive effect, until the Board of Supreme Audit finishes auditing the region’s imports. 

Rashid said, in a statement he made to reporters today, that the region’s draft budget was delayed in sending it to Parliament due to the delay in implementing the federal budget law, because until now it is not clear how much Baghdad will send to us.

And he added, “The region’s share in the federal budget law is 11.4 trillion dinars, and if we do not receive this amount, we will not be able to organize our financial affairs.”

Rashid also confirmed that currently the federal government has agreed to send 200 billion dinars retroactively until the completion of the audit of the region’s imports by the financial control, adding that the federal financial control is doing its work and until yesterday their delegation was present in the region.

The minister noted that there are currently no legal obstacles to sending the region’s share, and this is only prevented by technical matters, stressing that the regional government has expressed more than once its willingness to deliver oil imports and crossings according to what is stated in the law

Regarding the number of employees working in the public sector, the minister said: Currently, the region has 753 thousand employees, and the Federal Oversight Bureau has no comments about the number of the region’s employees.

And he went on, saying: The Ministry of Finance announced that it will continue to deduct 21% of the employees’ salaries for this month as well, because so far, even the amount of 200 billion dinars has not reached the region.

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