Parliament Finance: Sending 200 billion to the region, a government proposal that has not yet been implemented

16:09 – 20/06/20210

information / special

The Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed, on Sunday, that “no decision has been issued so far regarding sending 200 billion to the region.”

Committee member, Muhammad Al-Shabki, said in a statement to the “Information” agency, that “there is no official implementation from the government until today by sending the 200 billion dinars, but only endeavors and suggestions.”

He added, “The region’s dues are more than 200 billion per month, but we do not know where this money goes, how it is spent, and whether it is within the region’s operational budget.”

He pointed out that “the 2021 budget emphasized the settling of accounts between the region and the federal government and the delivery of radical agreements and understandings for common crises.”

مالية البرلمان: إرسال ٢٠٠ مليار الى الاقليم مقترح حكومي لم ينفذ الى الان

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