After Barzani’s announcement, a government source clarifies how to pay the region’s share of the budget

  •  Time: 06/15/2021 22:24:51 
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After Barzani's announcement, a government source clarifies how to pay the region's share of the budget

{Political: Al Furat News} A government source explained how to pay the Kurdistan region’s share of the federal financial budget for 2021. 

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The source told {Euphrates News}, that “the amount will be an advance and for the purpose of addressing the suffering of the region’s employees who have not received their salaries for a while.”
The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, announced this evening that he had reached an agreement with Baghdad regarding the region’s budget after his phone call with Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi.
Barzani said in a statement: “I am pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached under which the dues from the federal budget will be sent back to the Kurdistan region, with a retroactive effect, starting from January 2021.”
And he added, “During our phone call, I thanked him for his leadership, and I thanked the federal government for its support for this important turning point, through which we together overcame this difficult and long-standing obstacle.”
The Kurdistan Regional Government announced two weeks ago that it would send two important files to Baghdad related to “the region’s oil expenditures and non-oil revenues.”
And regarding sending the salaries of the region’s employees, the spokesman for the Kurdistan government, Jutiar Adel, suggested that “this issue will reach the implementation stage, and part of it has already reached the implementation stage, and in the near future financial dues will be sent to the Kurdistan region within the federal budget.”
It is noteworthy that the House of Representatives voted on March 31, 2021, to approve Article (11) of the Iraqi Budget Law for 2021, which is related to the Kurdistan Region’s share of the budget.
The Kurdistan region needs 895 billion dinars per month to distribute salaries without deduction, ie up to 10 trillion and 740 billion dinars annually.
Ammar Almasoudi


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