The Seven Summit confirms its support for the sovereignty of Iraq and the government’s efforts to hold outlaw groups to account

Ammar Al Masoudi

  •  Time: 06/14/2021 15:09:34 
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{Political: Al Furat News} The Group of Seven industrialized countries summit announced its support for the sovereignty of Iraq. 

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And the part related to Iraq in the final statement of the Summit of the Seven Industrialized Countries, which concluded its activities yesterday in the resort of Cornwall, southwest of the United Kingdom: “We commend the success of the Iraqi security forces, including the Kurdish Peshmerga, and the efforts of the Iraqi government in general against ISIS, and we affirm our continued support for those efforts, including Bringing stability to the liberated areas. 
“We also affirm our support for Iraq’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. We fully support Security Council Resolution 2576 and its call for election observers to help ensure free and fair elections in October, and we encourage all Iraqis to participate in those elections,” he added.
The G7 welcomed “the efforts of the Government of Iraq to hold armed groups outside the law accountable for their responsibility for attacks against Iraqi citizens and members of the coalition present in Iraq at its invitation, and exclusively for the purpose of providing training and advice to Iraqi forces in their fight against ISIS.”

Ammar Al Masoudi


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