Parliamentary Finance: The KRG will sue Baghdad if it does not send the budget this month

  •  Time: 06/14/2021 13:26:08 
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Parliamentary Finance: The KRG will sue Baghdad if it does not send the budget this month

{Economic: Al Furat News} The Parliamentary Finance Committee stressed the need to implement the paragraphs related to determining the share of the Kurdistan region in the Federal Budget Law for the year 2021. 

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Committee member Shirwan Misra said in a press statement, “There are no problems or obstacles left in the way of implementing the paragraphs related to the Kurdistan region’s share of the federal budget for the year 2021.”
He added: If the paragraphs of the Kurdistan region are not implemented in the budget this month, this indicates that the federal government does not want to implement those paragraphs and intends to delay them.
Mirza explained, “If these paragraphs are not implemented, the Kurdistan Regional Government can resort to the Federal Court and file a complaint there because The budget is a law and a duty to be implemented by all parties.”
The negotiating delegation of the Kurdistan region headed by the Deputy Prime Minister, Qubad Talabani, visited the capital, Baghdad, and held a series of meetings with the federal government, including a meeting with Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, before the delegation returned to Erbil. .
Talabani wrote, in a tweet on Twitter: “We are very close to a final agreement on a mechanism for implementing the budget law,” adding that “there are good intentions from both parties, and adherence to the text of the law will have a positive impact on the financial situation in the Kurdistan region, and will direct relations Between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Region towards a new stage.
And the Kurdistan Regional Government announced, last Sunday, sending two important files to Baghdad this week.
“The two files concern the Kurdistan region’s oil expenditures and non-oil revenues,” said Jutiar Adel, spokesman for the regional government, during a press conference.
Regarding sending the salaries of Kurdistan region employees, Adel said, “I most likely will reach this issue to the implementation stage, and part of it has already reached the implementation stage, and in the near future financial dues will be sent to the Kurdistan region within the federal budget.”
It is noteworthy that the House of Representatives voted on March 31, 2021, to approve Article (11) of the Iraqi Budget Law for 2021, which is related to the Kurdistan Region’s share of the budget.
The Kurdistan region needs 895 billion dinars per month to distribute salaries without deduction, ie up to 10 trillion and 740 billion dinars annually.
Ammar Al Masoudi


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