Biden supports abolishing the authority of “eternal war” in Iraq

politicsCongressBidenIraq war 2021-06-14 17:24A-AA+

Shafaq News/ The administration of US President Joe Biden said today, Monday, that it supports efforts in the US Congress to repeal the authorization for the use of military force issued in 2002 that authorized the war in Iraq, which strengthens lawmakers’ efforts to withdraw the authority to declare war from the White House.

The administration said in a statement that it “supports the revocation of the 2002 authorization, as not only the adoption of the 2002 authorization as a domestic legal basis for current US military activities, and that repealing the authorization will have little impact on current military operations.”

The US Constitution grants Congress the power to declare war, but that power gradually shifted to the president after Congress passed mandates, still valid, to use military force such as the 2002 Iraq mandate, as well as the measure that allowed the fight against al-Qaeda after the September 11 attacks. 2001.

The administration’s statement said Biden is committed to working with Congress to ensure that old mandates are removed and replaced with a “narrow, defined” framework to ensure the country continues to protect itself.

The House of Representatives is due to vote this week on legislation introduced by Democratic Representative Barbara Lee to repeal the 19-year Iraq war mandate. There was no word yet on when the Senate would consider the matter.


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