The Central Bank issues a statement on the “custodian”

  •  Time: 06/13/2021 16:07:05 
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The Central Bank issues a statement on the "custodian"

{Economic: Al-Furat News} The Central Bank of Iraq issued, on Sunday, a statement regarding “The Faithful Al-Hafiz”. 

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In a statement, {Al-Furat News} received a copy of it, “The Governor of the Bank, Mustafa Ghaleb, met with the Chairman of the Securities Commission and the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Iraq Stock Exchange, as well as the Executive Director of the Iraq Stock Exchange and a number of financial and economic figures.” 
He added that “the meeting dealt with the issue of establishing {Al-Hafiz Al-Amin Bank}, as this bank expressed its willingness to proceed with its establishment because of its positive financial and economic effects that would enhance the work of the stock market operating in Iraq, in addition to providing safety for investors, especially foreign ones, as well as increasing portfolios. investment”. 
He pointed out that “the attendees stressed the importance of the role played by the Central Bank in strengthening cooperation with financial institutions and the need for this to continue to serve the future of the Iraqi economy.”

Wafaa Al-Fatlawy

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