Parliamentary Finance recommends imposing control measures to control the dollar exchange rate

Economie| 10:22 – 13/06/2021


Baghdad – Mawazine News

Today, Sunday, the Parliamentary Finance Committee recommended imposing supervisory measures to control the price of the dollar in the market, while suggesting that the current financial policy be reconsidered.
The Rapporteur of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Ahmed Al-Saffar, said, “The government resorted to changing the dollar exchange rate as a result of the financial crisis in paying the salaries of employees and the lack of sufficient funds to cover the necessary needs, as well as the drop in oil prices at the time,” noting that “the financial situation changed after the rise in oil prices that It reached $73 a barrel, and the justifications that existed for changing the exchange rate no longer exist.”
He added: “We must take control measures to control the exchange rate of the dollar, and prevent manipulation by banks and exchange offices, especially since the Iraqi economy depends heavily on the dollar and controls the level of prices in the market.”
He explained that “oversight by the legislative authority is carried out through hosting or interrogation, as well as by requesting special reports for exchange operations, and the most important reports are the final accounts,” noting that “the final accounts do not exist from 2014 until now, and the hostings and interrogations are not achieved.” End 29 / A87

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