Parliament: The exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar will be fixed for at least a year

Saturday 12 June 2021 | 02:51 PM| Number of readings: 171Iraqi

A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Jamal Cougar, confirmed on Saturday that the dollar exchange rate as for the Iraqi dinar will remain “steady for a year at least”, because any change will “harm” government contracts and projects .Cougar said, “Changing the exchange rate is the responsibility of the Central Bank, and the statement of coffee yesterday and the statement of the bank came at its time, in light of rumors about the possibility of a new change in the price .”He added, “The exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar will remain fixed for at least a year,” noting that “any change in this price means creating new problems after all government contracts and projects and the public financial budget were built on this price .”He pointed out that “speculators are the beneficiaries of the process of broadcasting rumors of changing the exchange rate, because the selling price is fixed by the Central Bank,” noting that “the government has the authority and the ability to impose the selling price on the participants in the currency auction by issuing a decision or allocating an amount and pumping it to control the market.”


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