An agreement to pay the dues of all farmers for the year 2020

06.10.2021 – 21:48
An agreement to pay the dues of all farmers for the year 2020

Baghdad – people  

On Thursday, the Parliamentary Agriculture Committee announced its agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture to pay all farmers’ dues for the year 2020, while noting that “influential people” had obtained approvals to establish allowances outside of regulations and law.  

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A member of the Parliamentary Agriculture Committee, Abdul Amir al-Dabi, said in a statement to the official agency, followed by “Nass” (June 10, 2021), that “the committee recently hosted the Minister of Agriculture, the General Managers of Agriculture and the Ministry of Trade to demand the payment of farmers’ dues.”  

He added, “The hosting resulted in the issuance of a decision to disburse all farmers’ entitlements for the year 2020 related to the marketing of wheat, barley and rye crops.”  

Regarding the unlicensed increases in fruits and vegetables, Al-Dabi confirmed that “the allowances are linked to the municipal departments,” noting that “these departments did not take legal measures against these unauthorized increases, which is a failure to perform their work.”  

And he added, “Influential people obtained approvals to create bonuses outside the regulations and the law, which greatly affected the official bonuses obtained from the municipal departments,” explaining that “the unofficial premium is trying to reduce prices in order to attract customers and sell as many agricultural products as possible because they do not pay any Taxes to the municipality affiliated to it, unlike the owner of the officially approved allowance, he is obliged to pay sums to the municipality.  

Al-Dabi called for “the concerned authorities, including the municipal departments, to move towards these increases and close them, as they constitute a violation of the law.”  

And the Ministry of Agriculture announced, earlier, the completion of the payment of all the dues of the yellow corn marketers and the owners of the rye.  

The ministry stated in a statement that “People” received a copy of it (June 10, 2021), that “in implementation of the directives of the Minister of Agriculture, Muhammad Karim Al-Khafaji, the Iraqi Seed Production Company has completed paying all the dues of farmers marketing the yellow corn crop for the 2020-2021 season.”    

The statement added that this came “as part of the ministry’s constant endeavor to provide financial dues to seed marketers and all farmers, organize the marketing process and obtain the amounts due in a timely manner and without delay, according to the directives of the Minister of Agriculture.”    

The statement indicated that “the payment of the dues of the Shalab marketers for the 2020 season has also been started.”


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