The UN Security Council issues a resolution to release Iraqi funds: What does it include?

The Ministry of Justice announced, on Tuesday, that the UN Security Council issued a decision to release Iraqi funds seized by the Swiss government. A ministry statement said, “Justice Minister Salar Abdul Sattar Muhammad received in his official office today, the Swiss Ambassador to Iraq Lucas Jacir, and during the meeting, they discussed ways to enhance joint cooperation between the two sides, especially the possibility of signing a memorandum of cooperation between the two ministries.” Iraqi and Swiss justice to exchange legal expertise and judicial notifications to develop the capacity development of the Ministry’s staff in the near futureThe minister called, according to the statement, to “the importance of serious cooperation between the two countries, which would contribute to strengthening frameworks and exchanging experiences, including the signing of a memorandum of cooperation between the two parties in the near future to serve the interests of the two friendly peoples.”The statement said the two sides reviewed also discussed the launch of returning money to the Iraqi government are reserved to the Swiss, and the demand for lifting the booking for these funds and return the government, knowing that there is a decision issued by the Security Council , the international launch of these amounts” .Among that, “we discussed the participation of the Republic of Iraq in the writing of the National Plan for Human Rights prepared by the ministry and other ministries represented in the National Committee to write a treaty reports which will take place in the ninth month of this year in Geneva .”For his part, the Swiss ambassador expressed great thanks “to the Minister on the great cooperation and warm reception”, expressing his country ‘s readiness “for cooperation between the two parties, in the exchange of experiences and the possibility of signing a memorandum of cooperation between the two sides in the near future”


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