Al-Kazemi: We succeeded in keeping the war away from Iraq and developed the first plan for economic reform

2021/06/08 15:39

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Baghdad / Obelisk: Obelisk Publish, Tuesday, June 8, 2021, the most prominent statements of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi during the Cabinet session:

Al-Kazemi: The government was able, despite the heavy legacy and great challenges, to take important steps on the road to reform, and to save the country financially and economically.

Al-Kazemi: It is trying hard, with plans and strategies that have been prepared, to put the country on the right path.

Al-Kazemi: After we have completed the first year of the government, which the parliament granted confidence in, we affirm that Iraq is capable of playing its civilized role in this world, as it is the Iraq of civilization, writing, law and science.

Al-Kazemi: The recently launched annual government performance report, in which information and readings were included in all transparency, accuracy and clarity, and it includes the government’s achievements during a whole year.

Al-Kazemi: The government performance report lists in all transparency and impartiality what the government accomplished from May 2020 to May 2021, as well as everything that is in the process of being accomplished.

Al-Kazemi: Our people have suffered a lot and have been let down by the corrupt, slogan dealers and those without conscience, and today we put before you, with all transparency, what we have accomplished and what we have not yet accomplished. 

Al-Kazemi: And what we are on the way to accomplish is to serve Iraq and the Iraqis who deserve the best.

Al-Kazemi: The long years and decades of sabotage and destruction have burdened Iraq, and have piled up problems and pain on its people.

Al-Kazemi: We established a path of reform and change and began to progress in it, and together we will turn the past years and proceed to a bright and promising future that meets the hopes of young people.

Al-Kazemi: We succeeded in removing the specter of war from Iraq, and we proceeded with balanced internal policies, and effective and balanced relations with all our neighbors and the various regional and international powers.

Al-Kazemi: We developed the first plan for economic reform in the history of Iraq, and we prepared all the requirements for the elections, 

Al-Kazemi: We have also achieved successes in the oil sector, agriculture, communications and water resources, and we have done the anti-corruption file by arresting dozens of senior corrupt officials.

Al-Kazemi: Despite all the obstacles and the difficulty of the task that this government has endured, we still believe that it has made great progress in several files.

Al-Kazemi: We will not listen to the voices whose purpose is to undermine the government and its work, especially its measures that hit their ambitions, because we put Iraq’s interest first and we have no ambitions.


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