The final withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan by next September

Muscat, June 7 (Oman) The United States of America has made it clear that  
the gradual safe withdrawal from Afghanistan will be finally completed by  
next September, which is the deadline set by US President Joe  

Lieutenant-General Kenneth McKenzie, Commander in Chief of the US Central Command, confirmed in 
a telephone press briefing in  which the Oman News Agency participated this evening that his country  
has completed 50 percent of the withdrawal under the direction of the US President and in coordination with  
the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). 

He said that after the withdrawal, the United States will continue to support Afghan forces and  
combat terrorism with its strategic partners in the region. 
On the other hand, the US military official explained that he recently met  
with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi and discussed with him ways to  
eliminate ISIS and its activities in Iraq, indicating that this organization  
controls many areas in Iraq and Syria and is spreading its ideologies  
, which necessitates stopping and eliminating it. .  

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