Within days, the Kurdistan region sends two important files to Baghdad

political| 03:56 – 06/06/2021


Baghdad – Mawazine News
, spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government, Jotiar Adel, announced on Sunday that two important files had been sent to Baghdad this week.
Adel said during a press conference, “The two important files that will be sent to Baghdad this week are the file of Kurdistan region’s oil expenditures and non-oil revenues.”
Adel added, “After the successive visits made by the Kurdistan Regional Government delegation to Baghdad, two important files will be sent to Baghdad during this week, one of which is about the expenses of extracting and exporting the Kurdistan region’s oil, and the other about non-oil revenues.”
Regarding sending the salaries of Kurdistan region employees, Adel said, “I most likely will reach this issue to the implementation stage, and part of it has already reached the implementation stage, and in the near future financial dues will be sent to the Kurdistan region within the federal budget.” Ended 29 / h



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