Corruption Proceeds Recovery Law .. Will it preserve and restore Iraq’s money?

political| 06:09 – 05/06/2021


Yes Special – Mawazine News
The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, presented a bill to recover corruption revenues and met with parliamentary committees to discuss it in preparation for a vote in the House of Representatives, but the debate continues as to what this law is and is it able to recover Iraq’s looted money, estimated at hundreds of billions of dollars?
On this issue, the spokesman for the Iraqi national project, Muzaffar al-Tayeb, speaks to “Mawazine News” and says: “I do not think that this law will preserve Iraq’s money or contribute to its recovery, because the idea and timing of the law came for political purposes, despite our wishes that our opinions would be incorrect.”
He added: “We express our wishes that this law will be approved in the parliament, but it is unlikely that the political blocs in the parliament will vote on the law, especially since they have economic offices and do not want to recognize their great corruption, and all the blocs are accused of corruption.”
He pointed out, “The law, if legislated, will start with the weak, and here the old will kneel.”
The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, chaired a meeting to discuss the law in the presence of the parliamentary committees and the first vice president of the House of Representatives, Hassan Al-Kaabi, at a time when political blocs rule out that the law contributes to recovering Iraq’s money in light of the inability of the Public Prosecution and the Integrity Commission to recover over the past years.
Characteristics of the law
For his part, Chairman of the Council of Advisors in the Presidency of the Republic, Ali Shoukry, stressed that the law on recovering corruption proceeds crossed the loopholes and adopted international conventions, while he explained the advantages of this law over other laws in force.
Shoukry said, “The Presidency of the Republic has formed a committee to prepare the Corruption Revenue Recovery Law,” noting that “this law will be the most advanced in the fight against corruption as it has overcome all the loopholes in the Integrity Commission Law of 2011.”
He added, “Before preparing this project, the tendency was to amend the Integrity Commission law, but it turned out that there was a need to amend more than 20 articles, and therefore the committee headed to prepare a new law,” noting that “the committee relied in the new law on the anti-corruption agreement that was signed by Iraq in the year 2007, which contains a number of developments, including the pursuit of funds and their revenues inside, while a chapter devoted to smuggling outside Iraq.
Shukri added that “the law is devoted in Chapter Four to legal aid by concluding bilateral and collective agreements to recover Iraqi funds, and this matter is new in the law,” noting that “the committee added in order to encourage news about the perpetrators of corruption crimes and the whereabouts of the funds and persons registered in their names these funds by mitigating these funds by reducing The penalty is for the one who informs about the corrupt and their whereabouts, and the Code of Criminal Procedure is based on exempting whoever informs of the commission of the crime before the competent authorities knew that it was committed.”
And he indicated that “this law is advanced and has overcome the loopholes in the Iraqi legislation in force and relied on international covenants.”
Shoukry indicated that “the Presidency of the Republic is in discussions with stakeholders to pursue the smuggled funds, in the presence of the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Chairs of the Legal and Financial Committee, the Head of the Integrity Committee, and the Vice-Presidents of the Legal and Financial Committees. The Financial Supervision, the General Managers and the Legislation Office in the Presidency of the Republic,” stressing that “it was agreed that several workshops would be held to read this law and make observations regarding it, which is so far just a project and it is hoped that it will be developed.”
And he indicated that “the First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives promised to review this law in the Parliamentary Legal Committee with the Integrity and Finance Committees starting next week,” stressing that “the Presidency of the Republic is determined to proceed with this law, which will be a qualitative leap in the pursuit of smuggled Iraqi money.” Ended 29 /

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