The Minister of Agriculture announces the provision of farmers’ dues retroactively

  •  Time: 06/03/2021 23:46:53 
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The Minister of Agriculture announces the provision of farmers' dues retroactively

{Local: Al Furat News} The Minister of Agriculture, Muhammad Al-Khafaji, announced today, Thursday, that he discussed with the Ministries of Finance and Trade, securing the dues of farmers for the current year within the shortest possible period, as it is one of the amounts governing the exchange. 

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Al-Khafaji added in a press statement: “We discussed with the Agriculture Committee the dues of farmers for the year 2020 for the rye crop, the Iraqi company, and the Mesopotamia Company, which will pay all dues next Sunday for the corn and wheat crops 100%.

Al-Khafaji confirmed, “It has been approved to disburse the 2014 and 2019 dues, but some of the dues have security checks and will be processed for more than 400 to 500 farmers during the current week.”

Al-Khafaji announced, “the formation of a joint committee to check the damage caused to the fish lakes in the cities and the Imam district in Babylon and to treat them as soon as possible,” stressing that “there are committees formed by the Cabinet Secretariat to follow up on compensation for those affected by fish farmers, floods and fires.”

Al-Khafaji explained, “There is a great development in supporting the agricultural sector, protecting the local product and preventing smuggling, as more than 80% of self-sufficiency has been achieved for chicken and eggs, and more than 22 other agricultural materials.” 

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