Parliamentary Finance sets the date for hosting the Minister of Finance

political| 05:56 – 04/06/2021


Baghdad – Mawazine News
The Parliamentary Finance Committee has set, today, Friday, the date of hosting Finance Minister Ali Allawi to discuss the budget paragraphs and implement Resolution 315, while revealing the reasons for disrupting some provisions of the 2021 budget
. Committee member Ahmed Mazhar said, “The 2021 budget stressed the need to implement a decision.” Article 315,” noting that “the government appealed more than 10 paragraphs, and this is considered the most important reason for suspending some budget items.”
He pointed out that “the Ministry of Finance should not link Resolution 315 to the appeals submitted by the government, especially since there is a very large segment of employees awaiting implementation of the resolution.”
And he indicated that “next week, the committee will host Finance Minister Ali Allawi and the advanced cadre to discuss several paragraphs, including the implementation of Resolution 315.” Ended 29 / h

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