Al-Kazemi receives a call from Macron, and this is what happened between them

politicsIraqbreakingFranceMacronAl-Kazemi 2021-06-04 13:01A-AA+

Shafaq News, On Friday, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi received a phone call from French President Emmanuel Macron, during which they discussed bilateral relations between the two countries and aspects of joint cooperation between Baghdad and Paris.

Al-Kazemi stressed, during the call, “Iraq’s close historical relationship with France, and its positive attitudes towards regional issues,” praising “France’s role and support for Iraq in the war against ISIS terrorist gangs.”

He pointed out, according to a statement by his office received by Shafak News Agency, to “the importance of developing bilateral cooperation between Iraq and France in various fields, especially economic and cultural, in addition to providing the appropriate environment for the work of French companies and investment in Iraq.”

For his part, Macron renewed his “support for the Iraqi government, and Iraq’s democratic experience in light of the challenges it faces,” stressing “France’s readiness to provide various aspects of support that the Iraqi government needs in preparing for early elections, and France’s support for the UN resolution to send observers to support the work of the Electoral Commission.”

Macron also praised Iraq’s “regional role in converging views,” expressing optimism that “the growing role of Iraq in this field will have a sustainable impact in achieving stability, whose effects will be positively reflected on all parties.”

The two sides agreed, according to the statement, to “continue communication between them, in order to coordinate positions towards regional and international challenges and crises, in a manner that serves the endeavors to resolve conflicts and bring views closer.”

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