Qubad Talabani: Erbil delegation will visit 3 provinces to “exchange visions and find national solutions”

06.03.2021 – 08:35
Qubad Talabani: Erbil delegation will visit 3 provinces to "exchange visions and find national solutions"

Baghdad – people  

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Qubad Talabani, stressed that the repeated visits to Baghdad aim to find a radical and real solution to get rid of the outstanding problems with Baghdad, which we consider the strategic depth of the region, declaring full commitment to implementing the provisions of the federal budget for the year 2021 and preparing for cooperation and filling the gaps in the lines of contact between the federal forces and the forces of The Peshmerga, which the “terrorists” take as a launching point for their attacks.  

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Talabani said in an interview with the official newspaper, followed by “Nas” (June 3, 2021), that “our last visit to Baghdad witnessed accusations of a political nature, that the region’s special interests were obtained within the discussions of approving the federal budget, but the truth is exactly the opposite. Baghdad The depth of the strategic region.  

He added, “Mutual visits prove that Iraq is our country and that we are part of its concerns and seek to solve its problems. From this point of view, we will visit Basra, Dhi Qar, Anbar and the rest of the provinces in order to exchange visions and dialogue to find common national solutions.”  

Talabani stressed that “the country needs a real renaissance and finding exceptional solutions and ideas for its accumulated problems, and what helps in this is its possession of abundant capabilities, wealth and bounties, but they all need successful management and hard work, and this will not be achieved in a tense political atmosphere.”  

He noted that “the regional government has opened a new page to resolve outstanding problems with the federal government, and our strict commitment to what is stated in the 2021 General Budget Law has been repeatedly announced, and within this principle we have held meetings with the Prime Minister, the ministries of finance, oil and the Bank of Commerce and Financial Control to find out what the consequences of The region has obligations under the budget law implementation instructions in order to fulfill them.  

Talabani added that “one of the priorities of this visit is to inform the partners and the executive and legislative bodies that the Kurdistan region is ready to implement its legal obligations stipulated in the Federal Budget Law, and thus we will not be a reason to sabotage the agreement between Baghdad and the region, and our position stems from our keenness to sustain the relationship, According to the Iraqi constitution.  

With regard to the upcoming general elections, the region’s vice president considered that “it constitutes an important and crucial stage in the political process, as we support efforts to conduct them in terms of creating the political atmosphere and technical requirements, and we strongly support the removal of weapons from them and giving the contestants an adequate opportunity to present their programs to the voters and to participate in the midst of this entitlement.” The constitutional democratic which has no alternative.  

He stated that “the region supports the government’s efforts to establish security and defeat the remnants of terrorism, as it is a common enemy for all components of Iraq,” expressing “the readiness to exchange experiences and contribute to filling the gaps, especially in the lines of contact of the Peshmerga forces and the federal forces that the militants take as a starting point for their terrorist attacks.”


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