Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister: The construction of 5 industrial cities is the nucleus of a promising renaissance for the Iraqi economy

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The economic advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, revealed that work is continuing to build five industrial cities within five governorates, returning the step as the nucleus of a promising renaissance for the Iraqi economy.
Saleh confirmed in a statement to the official Al-Sabah newspaper, that work is to build industrial cities within five governorates, one for each of Baghdad, Basra and Dhi Qar, in addition to two cities in Najaf governorate, working according to organized rules issued by the sectoral government agency, describing it as “the nucleus of a renaissance.” The renewable private industrial sector in Iraq, and a solid foundation in the investment economies of the single governorate, as it is an essential tool in the operation of the unemployed labor force,” noting that it “needs the support of the governorates’ administration for it, especially in the field of infrastructure.”
Saleh pointed out that “the industrial cities are among the priorities of planning and industrial renaissance in the countries of the civilized world, limiting industrial investments to areas that are mostly integrated with each other, far from residential cities, that require availability of physical infrastructure, as one of the positive external economic factors in order to enhance the integration of manufacturing units and filling each other’s needs as industrial inputs and outputs.
And he indicated that “the greater the inputs and outputs within a single industrial city, it will make the average production cost to its minimum in most cases, as well as spreading competitiveness in work, upgrading quality and constantly introducing and improving technology in a manner consistent with the production movement within the single industrial city,” noting that “industrial cities It remains a high and important investment attraction, whether for national or foreign investment, as long as the land and infrastructure are available in those cities.”


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