Chambers of Commerce: The decision to raise the dollar serves commerce, industry and agriculture

06/01/2021 16:50

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  • Section : Iraq

Baghdad / Obelisk: The Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce revealed, on Tuesday, June 1, 2021, expected memoranda of understanding with Greece, while talking about the effects of the Corona pandemic and changing the dollar exchange rate.

The head of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Abdul Razzaq Al-Zuhairi, said in a televised interview that Al-Masala watched, that the union is coordinating with the state through the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, and it participates with the ministries of Planning, Agriculture, Industry, Labor, Foreign Affairs and other ministries in its work.

He added that the communications come from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the desire of Pakistan, Germany or any other country to sign memoranda of understanding, and in light of these communications we send them our desire as well, and then there will be reciprocal visits between delegations.

He went on to say that working between the private and public sectors needs a vision, including solving many issues with regard to industrial cities, amending their laws, participating with the Federation of Industries, and amending the Labor and Security Law, because it is one of the worst existing laws. 

He added that in the month of July, there will be an invitation from the Prime Minister, to his Greek counterpart, to visit Baghdad and sign several memoranda of understanding, including taking more than 40 Greek businessmen to Iraq.

Regarding raising the exchange rate of the dollar, he said that in the beginning there were big losses because the decision came as a surprise and there was no consultation between the public and private sectors, pointing out that the government saw the decision as a surprise so that there would be no political interference.

He pointed out that raising the dollar by more than 30 points causes a kind of competition, adding: We lost, but as long as this decision serves trade, industry and agriculture, there is nothing wrong with that and we will bear it.


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