Monday, May 31, 2021 6:12 PM


Private / National News Center 

Today, Monday, the World Bank in Iraq launched the Human Development Report (Iraq Public Expenditure Review).

The Bank discussed the government’s response to address deficiencies in human capital indicators within the framework of a roadmap towards structural reforms to reconsider the human development model in the education and health sectors in Iraq.

The President of the World Bank in Iraq, Ramzi Numan, said in a statement to the “National News Center” on the sidelines of the forum launching the report that “the report launched by the World Bank today sheds light on public spending indicators in the fields of human development, specifically in the fields of education, health and social protection.” , Adding that “the seriousness of the issue enables that the indicators that are viewed by the World Bank are low indicators in these sectors, especially that Iraq had important indicators in previous years.”

Numan pointed out that “the report focused on the public spending side, especially since the previous budgets allocated to these sectors are very low if compared to the budgets of other important sectors, but we are looking forward to developing important sectors related to the future.”

He stressed that “solutions cannot be focused on a specific sector only, but there must be an integrated process, 
wondering what is happening with the issue of public spending on salaries, how can we reduce that and give budgets to other sectors in order to improve the private sector, increase investments and stimulate the environment for the private sector.”

Numan revealed “a set of reform matters that allow strengthening these sectors and improving the reality of spending on them, as well as the existence of a strategic direction at the state level in the issue of spending and reform and a practical and technical direction at the level of other sectors.”

He noted that “the report also discussed aspects of public spending on vital human development sectors and the Iraqi government’s response to address deficiencies in the formation of human capital, as well as a roadmap towards structural reforms to reconsider the human development model.”

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